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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Progress: Two Portraits of the Same Person

"The 'Mary' in Kimberly" (in progress) prior to the application of gold leaf and further work on the white veil.
Gold leaf will be applied to the background and sides of the arched panel over the dark red area.
(click each image twice to see a larger version)

Another portrait of Kimberly in progress, wearing an Indian wedding veil and holding roses.

Sometimes I like to paint a series of portraits of the same person utilizing a theme.  In this case, I'm working with a spiritual theme, trying to portray that quality of the divine as it expresses itself within and through Kimberly as a person.
For more details on the thinking behind this series and it's spiritual aspects, visit Grander Joy of Spirit.


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  2. Mona.... Do you have some posts of your egg tempera process ?... I've never tried it .... I would like to try it at least once....

  3. Hi Frank, it's hard to show it comprehensively enough online, so like you, I do workshops periodically, but yes, I've got a few things posted that I can share. I'll go over these after I get back from a weekend trip.