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Friday, April 29, 2011

Congrats to HRH Kate on Her Special Day!

preliminary drawing for a silverpoint miniature portrait of Kate Middleton, who today becomes Her Royal Highness

In just a matter of hours, Kate Middleton will become HRH Princess Catherine! I am so excited about the Royal wedding, so I want to try a portrait of Kate. I'm already trying to picture what she may wear, and I can't wait to see her wedding gown today, -- can you?! I've read that her dress includes a nod to Princess Diana, and will be inspired by fashions from the Renaissance period. One of her jackets is a bit reminiscent of the Renaissance without the under blouse, so I've sketched that in. I thought she might wear her hair partly up and partly down. Here is a preliminary pencil drawing for a silverpoint portrait, and depending upon whether I want to include a bit of wedding apparel, this may change later today, but first I must stop to watch this historic and happy occasion. Congratulations to Kate and William!


  1. Wasn't it the most beautiful wedding Mona - I thought she looked mesmerising - loved her gown and the ceremony was perfect. The one thing I wasn't sure about is why she didn't give him a ring and no-one seems to have said why. I can't wait to see your silverpoint miniature of Kate - she would be a joy to depict and your preliminary drawing has captured her perfectly!!! :)

  2. i'm such a sucker for weddings, although i'm not all that thrilled attending them. i was at that "someday my prince will come" age when di got married and went on to be bitterly disillusioned when the truth of that union came out. now, older, less idealistic and a tad cynical, i still eat it up with a spoon. i found myself sitting in front of the tv just smilin during the 15 minutes i allowed myself to watch. your drawing is simply lovely! beautiful sentiment!

  3. Thanks Karen. I agree, she was incredibly poised, and beautiful. As I understand it from one news report, it was William's decision not to wear a ring. (However, word is out that he is taken!)

    Suzanne, thanks and I love hearing your thoughts and Karen's too. Like you, I was thrilled by both weddings. Loved some of the music, and the warm informal glances between the royal couple; they seem to have such a great rapport.