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Monday, May 16, 2011

Self Portrait at Three, completed

A scanned detail from "Self Portrait at Three"
Photo of "Self Portrait at Three", 24" x 19", pastel on Pastelmat *

It was fun to get back into this pastel portrait of myself at age three and add it's final touches.

*Sometimes a scan can really do better in matching the color, value, and depth in a work of art, so after trying a scanned detail, I've added it to the top of this post, and I'll replace this photo too, as soon as I have a scan of the full image to share.  


  1. Oh how simply gorgeous - what a darling looking little girl you were Mona - love the light and those beautiful dimples!!! :)

  2. beautifully done mona!!!! i love your expression, your dimples. lovely colors and your hair is just gorgeous. lovely!

  3. Hi Mona!... I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit and stroll through your portrait "gallery"! Very impressive work!

    I especially like the poses that you employ with sharp foreshortening... like your Aretha tribute. Spectacular!

    I will be back to check new projects as they arise!

    I also love the sensitivity of many of your pieces such as the Lauren's Grad celebration!

    Good Luck... and Good "Portraiting"!
    Warm regards,
    Bruce Sherman

  4. Karen and Suzanne, thank you so much! Loved hearing that you liked my hair, Suz; Mom worried that I didn't have enough of that as a little girl! :-)

    Bruce, thank you for visiting and following my blog. Your kind words made my day, and I very much enjoyed a stroll through The Paint Box Gallery! Landscapes, stained glass, jewelry---you and your wife are a very talented team.