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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A knit scan detail from the portrait of Dick and Catherine Marshall

Knit scan detail of Catherine Marshall from the recent portrait commission I completed of Kat and her husband Dick

Lately I've been improving my skill with knitting scans.  Sometimes when a work of art is too large for my scanner I try scanning portions of the image and knitting them together in photoshop.  It's a tricky business to line up the pieces seamlessly, but with care, a knitted scan can provide an even higher res image of a work of art than a single scan.  If I can pull off knitting six parts together, I may have even more to show you.  Scanning is worthwhile because the detail level and the color quality are far superior to a camera shot as an accurate record of the art.


  1. Wow - this is truly amazing Mona - just beautiful!!! :)

  2. This looks beautiful; the subtlety of the tones is wonderful.

  3. Merci Cath.!

    Karen, and Altoon, thank you! It feels great to have a larger detail from this portrait that reflects the original more accurately.

  4. whenever i see this is takes my breath away. cool scan too! and thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. i'm going to snap the studio once it's all set up and clean, it's so pleasing to walk in there, it's flooded with light. and you're right, tim is there always. he'll be my good luck charm. that's why it's so full of's him! i know what you mean about superstition, i always have to set up a certain way or wear the same shoes. weird. but hey, whatever works, right?

    thanks and take good care!

  5. Suz, belated thanks, and apologies for posting your comment so late, my computer crashed, so I've been only intermittently online. Hoping to get more into gear midweek if not sooner.

    Whatever works, yes!! I remember worrying even when I moved from one apt. to another, oh dear, what if I can't create in my new apt.! But the blessing was that my new window view (as opposed to a wall of pictures in my old apt.) only opened my creative doors much wider.