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Thursday, November 21, 2013

After the Party - Camera Shot of My Portrait of Peggy and Marcelo

"After the Party", portrait of Peggy and Marcelo, pastel on pastel board

Here is a camera shot of my latest portrait, which has taken some time to complete.  As you can see, I reconfigured the location of the
aqua pillow, which formerly had a pattern that detracted 
attention too much from Peggy's skirt, so I streamlined the original look of the pillow to be a plain silk pillow.  
I've updated the picture to this post after a bit more subduing and refining that I noted was necessary to complete in a few areas of Peggy's skirt.

Due to how I cannot afford to pay for a professional scan of this painting, and some artists can't, which is a real disappointment,
I will still be trying to scan it in sections, very gently, to see if I can seam one nice scan together for my professional purposes.  Why is this so important you may ask?
Well, several reasons.  One is that with a camera shot I get warping of an image around my edges which means that I must crop into the art, and also that a slight
distortion of the art is occurring.  There are also abrupt color and value differences between the accuracy of a camera shot and of a pro scan, and yet due to the risk of
trying the seamed-together scan, as a teacher I honestly do not recommend doing this, and I hope when things are better for my income I will be able to avoid it in future.