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Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Eric", a portrait of my nephew

A scanned detail from the pastel of Eric

"Eric", 19" x 23", pastel on Pastelmat

Coming up is a couples portrait I have in progress, but first this portrait of my nephew Eric.  It was started from a live sitting and completed with the help of a few supplemental photos we took during our time together.  It provided me some needed practice in working in full color directly from life.  Live sittings in full color are not easy, especially at this size, and I only succeeded in developing a rough version in the time we had, but through this process with Eric, who sat very patiently, I noticed a few things I might have otherwise missed ~ about slight camera lens distortions and skin tones.
The rest I pulled together from the supplemental photos.  Above, I've added a scanned detail from the portrait, and this one goes to the Mendoza Conner family.


  1. This is beautiful Mona - I bet your nephew will be thrilled to bits!!! I think I recall you doing a portrait of him before? Don't you find the Pastelmat a lovely surface to work on - it's so easy to get a nice smooth finish and yet it still hangs onto the pigment really well :)

  2. Thanks so much Karen. Yes, Eric loves it, and immediately posted it as his Facebook icon! I do like how Pastelmat holds the pigment, and for Eric's suit jacket, I found it helped to try several brushes and foam blenders for a smoother result, though I had to do it with care and the excess pastel dust must be blown off afterward. Do you have a favorite blending tool?

  3. outstanding mona! your work never fails to impress.

  4. Suzanne, coming from you that means a lot. I hope it's a good painting day today out on LI, xoxo