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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Progress on part of a couple's commission

Still a few more refinements to come on Kat, but here is a detail in progress from Kat and Dick
Kat and Dick's portrait in progress

Here is a progress update on my commission of Kat and Dick.  Dick is next!


  1. Kat became a real beauty. now let's have a look at Dick

  2. WOW!! mona you are a master!!! kat is incredible!!! i haven't any idea who she is or what she's like but you've conveyed a personality and mood that says everything. outstanding and astounding work my friend.

  3. Thanks jyothisethu, I'm working on Dick this week.

    Suzanne, thank you so very much! This means a lot coming from you, and Kat is such a wonderful friend and person to know, as is Dick. They are a special couple. Although not present in this portrait, Kat and Dick also have many loving pets in their home: three dogs, a cat, and a special room devoted to Kat's birds!